Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lingerie Findings for Kiwi's

Greetings from the deep South

As the title suggests, if you have an interest (or obsession like myself) in sewing lingerie, namely bras, you are probably experiencing frustration at trying to find the hardware, elastics and other bits and pieces to make the amazing bra patterns there are floating around the internet these days.

My favourite of the moment being The Watson Bra & Bikini by Cloth Habit. Also the Marlborough Bra which I have cut out but not yet sewn up.  Another great one I've had success with is the Shelley from Bra Makers Supply.

Anyway, I have started this blog up with the intention of being able to offer to Kiwi sewers the findings, some fabrics plus the elusive powernet and Watson kits initially to gauge whether there is any kind of a market for this.

Please contact me via commenting if you are interested. I will be adding photos of the products as I go.

Happy Sewing

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