Thursday, 26 November 2015

Shelley Bra

This is the Shelley bra from Bra Makers Supply, which I had previously made for my mum.  Used fuchsia duoplex fabric for the cradle, power bar and straps with powernet band and lycra/lace for the cups. A bra without underwires was requested, and as the Shelley is optional for underwires, although you still attach bra channelling for support under the cups, I went with this pattern. Similar to an RTW bra that is supportive without underwires.

I think though that the lycra I used was not strong enough for any support, hence I've had to go and reline the cups with powernet and hope that this will do the job - it feels a lot firmer in the cups now so fingers crossed.  Have shortened the straps by 3cm also, as they seemed to be far too long and the elastic had nowhere to go, having shortened them as much as possible already.

This pattern makes for a very pretty bra, with the four piece cups allowing for use of different fabrics - my mum was very pleased with it. Next one will be made entirely with duoplex and lace to see how different the final product will be support-wise.


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