Saturday, 19 March 2016

Bright & Sunny Marlborough + A Giveaway

Just like the region - my new bra is a bright and sunny Marlborough!

The Marlborough has been out and about for a while now and even though I have had this pattern lingering in my stash, I hadn't yet sewn it up - until now, and unconventionally, as I like a bit of padding, sewed it up with cut-&-sew foam and stretch fabric. 

Coral lace, floral stretch fabric, peach powernet and findings, burgundy red picot elastic

I have quite a few photos in this post to show some of the stages of bra-making for those who have been thinking about giving it a go. It is all done on the sewing machine - no switching of machines, just slow, careful sewing and you will be surprised at how it all comes together.

I had remembered that Norma from orange-lingerie had written a post about manipulating fabric here and after re-reading this, thought that by using a non-stretch lining on the cradle and bridge sections, that should hopefully do the trick.  And by searching for Marlborough on Instagram, found @thegreenviolet had used foam with some success. Also my thinking was the foam would stabilise the stretch fabric in the cup area to some degree.

The cradle and bridge lined with sheer cup lining in nude colour way.
Used the above temporary adhesive to adhere lining to all pieces. This is pricey at $33 a can but it should last forever, and I think is a great investment if you are going to be making a lot of bras. I found it in a small quilting shop in Dunedin.
I actually lined the bridge with 2 layers of sheer cup lining - accidentally as I'd already adhered the pieces together before realising I had to sew the lining to the top to form a nice edge - 2 layers has got to be better than one to stabilise - right?!!

Went with the Boylston fit and used my regular size but upped the cup size to allow for foam.  
Once again this ended up being the perfect fit. 

A bit rough on the foam joining - ending up going over it twice as I'd missed some edges - note to self - make sure zig zag is set wide enough to grab both edges...
Showing the inside with the foam and how I attached it to the cups, just along the lowest level of the scallops on the lace - also using the foam in the power bar right up to the strap edge. This didn't cause any problems whatsoever and I just trimmed the seam allowances down a bit so there wasn't so much bulk.

Love when it starts to look like a real bra!
The outside with the elastics - picot and under bust attached - every little extra addition makes all the difference as you progress through the stages.

Showing the inside with channelling attached. I'm annoyed with myself for not taking the time to make sure my bobbin thread on the inside was cream to match - something to think about if details like this get the better of you!

My only bug bear with this bra, and its entirely my own fault, was that I stretched the band elastic a bit too much when applying and it is fairly tight around the rib cage - hopefully this will loosen up on wear.

Added rose gold rings and sliders - makes it feel very glamorous.

And the finished bra with underwires inserted.

I'm really happy with the fit of this bra, other than the underbust elastic being tight, but that is no fault of the pattern instructions, which didn't say to stretch along this length, and I'm not sure why I did! I kind of rushed ahead to finish I think - as once you get to that stage and it is looking like a real bra, I'm hooked on getting to the next stage, and the next . . . 

Next on the agenda is the Montgomery brief that Orange Lingerie drafted to match the Marlborough. 

And now for the giveaway :- 

The above book - The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie. 

I'm giving this book away (with patterns unused and intact) as I bought it thinking to enhance my lingerie sewing repertoire but in actual fact, just like I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, I'm not actually into the floaty, glamour type underwear, but practical bras and knickers (matching of course!)

If you'd like to enter to win this book - please comment and tell me what's your favourite lingerie item/pattern to sew.  All names will be entered and the winner drawn out of a hat by the man of the house.

Giveaway only open within New Zealand. Entries close 1 April.

Good luck.