Saturday, 30 July 2016

Exciting New Product!

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to offer you all lots of amazing new product. I've been spending far too much internet time searching for quality fabrics and findings to add to the ever growing list. What I'm most excited about is this . . .

I have found some that are beautiful, ethical and ecological. Oh they are just gorgeous fabrics, so soft and drapey, breathable and sustainable fabrics for those who like to use natural fabrics, even for their lingerie. These are just perfect for lingerie, bras, undies and camisoles, even sleepwear. Warm in winter and cool in summer - it has excellent wicking properties so may be beneficial for those of an age who may suffer from hot flushes/night sweats.

The only problem was what colours to order!! 

I got Dark Grey in the Bamboo Organic Cotton Spandex - this has 70% bamboo, 25% organic cotton and 5% spandex. It is 220gsm in weight. It is very wide too at 170cm wide. Super lovely!

The other 3 colours I purchased were a teal green, dusky pink and white in Bamboo Spandex which are all 95% bamboo, 5% spandex. They are all 210gsm in weight and 152cm width. A little lighter than the organic cotton but also all so lovely.

I have fold-over elastic on order due any day which will be perfect for edging for these fabrics - available in black, white, and pink.

If you want to see an example of what can be made with these, head over at this link to Emerald Erin's blog page to see her amazing underwear set. It looks gorgeous and super comfy.

Next up was some product from Emerald Erin's shop The Emerald Studio and her amazing new underwires which she got manufactured especially for Orange Lingerie's Marlborough & Boylston bra patterns. They are quite similar to the Regular size ones that I already stock except they are splayed a slightly bit wider and are lower in the centre front. I was so pleased to find these as I have had trouble myself trying to get wires to fit in the centre front without cutting them down.

I also couldn't resist getting some of her gorgeous foam that she imports from France - it is more pricey than the foam I have in stock by the time I get it to NZ but in my opinion it is so worth it, especially when you don't actually need very much to make a bra. I am happy to sell in very small increments so everyone can get the benefit without ordering by the metre from overseas. It is a laminated foam with soft microfibre fabric covering and it is so soft against the skin. Only 1.6mm thick so great for providing extra coverage and shaping, but not the bulk. It is 70cm wide and comes in beige colour only.

There are also a few new swimwear fabrics which I also stock for lingerie making - they are great to stretch over cut & sew foam for padded bras, like the Boylston for instance.  Also perfect for the Watson bra and bikini. I have purchased some plains as well, and will be adding this onto the shop pages over the next few days.  Also in stock is lining for swimwear, and elastics, plus I've found some new findings especially for swimwear in silver if you aren't keen on the black I already have.

Has anyone purchased the new swimwear pattern from Heather at Closet Case Files? Find it here , the Sophie swimsuit pattern looks flattering on lots of different body shapes - why not get ahead of the crowd and make your new swimsuit before you run out of time, as the year is whipping by pretty quickly I've found!

What else???
Oh, yes I've stocked up on some gold and silver rings/sliders sets for those who prefer the 19mm width, along with strapping and underbust elastic.  It seems to be that the larger sizes often get forgotten and only come in the usual beige, black and white!

Navy, turquoise, red, burgundy AND Beige!!

White, Black, Gold, Silver - Ring/Slider sets
Some different hook/eye sets in 3x3 peach, turquoise, fuchsia
2x3 in fuchsia & burgundy

I'm making up some new kits with some gorgeous stretch satin fabrics, just waiting on laces to arrive to co-ordinate - these 2 satins have a slight stretch so are suitable only for bra patterns that don't use stretch fabrics.  Fabrics kindly tested by sewing friends in the Marlborough bra pattern and Shelley bra pattern with great success. These are going to retail at $35.50 a kit or $40 with underwires included.

Further information about these and the results will be in another blog post very soon.

I've also got some new laces in of varying amounts and colours - it is always interesting to see what turns up as computer monitors sometimes lie!!!

My real job is keeping me busy and it is taking a while to photograph and catalogue, but keep checking the shop pages over the next few weeks as I get everything organised.

Happy winter sewing!