Saturday, 8 October 2016

Latest Divine Gorgeousness . . .

Hi Everyone!

Check out my latest purchase for you all to enjoy - isn't it just the most divine fabric you've seen for ages? I just had to also try it out of course - see further below for what it became ...

It is a deep indigo blue with an off-white background. I initially thought navy findings would be perfect with this, but actually that isn't so! Navy is not ideal at all - it is too "blue" if you get my drift. Ivory looked lovely with it and so I decided to pair it with my new ivory lace in stock . . . 

which is also an absolutely gorgeous lace by the way! So I may have to get the dye pots out to try and create a really dark indigo to match as I think (speaking for myself naturally) find white and ivory straps to get quite greyish/shabby looking quicker than I would like. Navy and black are way more forgiving.

So for this little project I decided on the Pin Up Girls new bralette pattern (also in stock) which has the option of adding foam which I favour greatly in bras.


I had high hopes for this pattern, thinking it would surpass my beloved Watson pattern from Cloth Habit, in that it was a bralette, no underwires, and FOAM!! Also to make a matching set, I decided on the Montgomery brief from Orange Lingerie. Took all my measurements as per the pattern instructions (the pattern says not to go by your RTW size as the sizing is different - all quite usual with different bra patterns), traced it all out and see above, my fabrics cut out and ready to go - so exciting!!

Just setting the scene here ...

I've rejigged my sewing room and wouldn't let myself in there to sew until everything was tidy and in it's place. Waited until the man was away and moved a cupboard into the spare room (which is also my sewing room), moved the bed over as much as I could, tidied up my stash which was hidden all OVER the place and got rid of some that no longer fit my taste/needs, and have them all nicely rolled in the cupboard with pdf patterns tucked into clear files and stacked in nice boxes on display (I keep going in to admire it!) - I had my modern Singer in place on it's old Singer table with overlocker at right angles and my sewing tools all within easy reach. 

It is so invigorating to have a clean, tidy space to work in - what a relief!! And so then, away I went, merrily sewing away, confident that I'd be wearing my new lingerie set by the end of the day.

Just look at the tidy way of finishing the foam cups with the ring at the top - the FOE pieces are left long, then looped through the ring and stitched down, and then the fabric is put on after, leaving such a neat cup, very impressive I thought!! Off to a great start - after stopping to IG a photo of this finish for all to see. 

That was my last positive thought!! It all went majorly downhill after that - I wish I'd taken more photos, but the one below is one I've taken after I ruthlessly took the scissors to it and tried to refashion into a smaller size - for some reason, all parts of the bra were massive compared to the sizing I usually make and I'm not sure why I never gave it a second thought before actually piecing it together. I even took it round to my sister to see if it would fit her, but to no avail! 

I have included all this just to show that even though I've made a number of successful bras, sometimes not thinking things through can result in a less than perfect outcome I'd have to say!! And new patterns ... new and shiny is not always better than tried and true.

So what you have below, I have basted and pinned together to try on. I hacked the cups to be way, way smaller, even the cradle was massively too long, almost to the point of not needing a band attached. I definitely have cut the smallest size band and cradle but when compared to the Watson pattern it is way out! Not sure if I've read the pattern incorrectly, if it's "operator error" or if the pattern is just not suiting my body shape. Even after my hacking, it has resulted in a non-wearable garment and I threw it on the bed in disgust!

I did go back later that night to complete the Montgomery briefs, which are a simple make, a tried and true pattern which went some way towards mollifying my wounded pride!

All wasn't totally lost then ... stay tuned as I'll be going back to my mess to see if I can turn it into a Watson albeit a foam one!

So, I have plenty of this fabric in stock, and also the cream lace and I'm planning on making up some kits in this combination also, as I think it's so lovely.

Do you all think so? Please let me know in the comments if you would like lace kits to be available to purchase.

I have a number of other laces that are suitable to make up into lace only kits - if that is a preference for purchasing rather than having to order everything separately.

So what do you like to sew with - pre-made up kits? or purchasing your own findings etc to match a lace? Look forward to your comments.

Have a great week!