Saturday, 12 August 2017

Change is Good!

There have been lots of changes around these parts - the least of them being new products  (some pictured above)

I've been lamenting the fact recently about my photos never lining up, the inconsistency of where they decide to sit on the page, and the general untidiness of the shop pages really annoying that side of my personality! And I think it must be frustrating for you to navigate where everything is.

To that end a friend encouraged me to open an etsy shop - this has been a long, arduous process but I love the result.

The Etsy Shop is open!!!
Just click on the link that says Etsy Shop on the Home page of the blog and it will take you right there - oh it looks lovely with all the same size squares of photos all lined up. That makes me very happy.

To make it easier for you, my online sewing friends, to make choices about what to put in your basket, decide on colour changes of elastic or findings on the fly, and correlate it all before checking out - all without having to email/ask for pricing/availability etc which I'm sure must have been tedious for you all.  I know when I decide to hit the "buy now" it's because I want to order it right now and not wait for email replies and delays.

But don't be concerned that I'm not available for questions - I certainly am, either by emailing as usual, or starting a conversation within the etsy shop. You, dear readers, inspire me with your enthusiasm, and amazing end results, and I'm more than happy to help you achieve that joy and satisfaction of producing your own bras/lingerie if you have queries or stumbling blocks along the way.

You may wish to have a kit made up for you with a different fabric or lace than in the kits listed - just request a custom order through email or a conversation and we'll take it from there.

Now to celebrate this new adventure - until the 31 August - there is a chance to win a $50 voucher to the shop - either find this post on Instagram

then like the post, and tag a friend who might like to also win a $50 voucher 
comment on this post and/or forward to a like-minded sewing friend.

Open internationally - voucher valid for goods only (postage at winner's own expense)

My aim from here on in is to concentrate on providing you all with more inspiration, links to great tutorials or exciting new patterns/products - what would you like to see? know about? require help with?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your week


  1. Hi Lynda, I'm looking to delve into sewing myself some underwear but am struggling to find the bits and pieces easily in New Zealand. So happy I found you!

    1. You’ve come to the right place then 😀 Have lots to inspire and everything available in one place to make it easy.